Children of any age, and especially boys, like to be constantly on the move: run, jump, play outdoor games. Therefore, shoes should become a reliable assistant and protection in active and carefree boyish fun.

You do not need to torment yourself and your child with long trips to Shoe stores. In the online store WEESTEP you can buy a pair for any occasion – children’s Slippers for home, light sandals or children’s sandals, flip-flops or flip-flops for the beach, practical thermal boots, children’s sneakers for football or sneakers for gym classes, moccasins, classic shoes for boys. In our shoes, it will be easy and convenient for boys to explore the world and develop healthy and active.


The model range is very diverse in color and design. But it is worth remembering that children’s models are chosen not so much for their appearance, but for the quality of materials and convenience. Comfortable shoes are the key to healthy legs and spine in adult life.

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