The American brand “Weestep”has already won the children’s audience of buyers who are looking forward to the new spring collection. For many years, the American brand won the hearts of not only American customers, but also went international, offering its products to residents of conservative Western Europe, which were gladly appreciated. Now for the past year, the brand “Weestep”, gives customers and our country stylish and high-quality children’s footwear products.

Weestep brand
Weestep brand

The Central office of the brand “Weestep” is located in the city of Warsaw, carefully controls all deliveries of children’s shoes to Ukraine. Among the majority of buyers of children’s shoes “Weestep” formed its own target audience, which orders the product both wholesale and retail.

On our retail site, you can easily order sneakers, sneakers, shoes, winter and demi-season boots and boots, summer sandals and sandals, school shoes for boys and girls, as well as thermal shoes, which are in great demand among all buyers.

New American technologies are a Prime example of this in the field of thermo shoes, because the sole of these boots and boots is made so that fresh air passes into the inside of the boot, and does not pass moisture. The baby’s leg will be able to breathe.

Most buyers understand that the outer and inner material of these boots is quite warm, soft, comfortable and not getting wet.

The snake looks nice and opens easily. We have such boots “Weestep” in different colors.

You can also rely on the strength of the sole, which is durable, does not slip on ice and quickly moves through high snowdrifts.

The new spring collection of sports shoes “Weestep”, managed to please us with high-quality children’s sneakers.

The outer material of these sneakers consists of genuine leather, eco-friendly leather, or a combination of the two materials listed above. So, the toe of the sneaker is made of inserts on natural leather, and the rest of the model is simplified in the form of eco-leather, which does not differ from natural leather, except as valuable.

Faux leather is available at a cost, the same strong, beautiful and well worn. The American trademark “Weestep” in most cases uses eco-leather. Of course, there are nubuck, suede, and textiles.

Youth sneakers “Weestep” have expanded the range of our online store with their high-quality and stylish models that will perfectly fit on your child’s leg.

There krossovochki on shnurochki, the snake, or rezinochki. For the youngest children who are starting their first steps, the brand “Weestep” has prepared models with elastic bands.

They can be easily put on the child’s own shoes. The same sneakers for children were made with Velcro, which also increases the child’s footwear. Adult school children and teenagers will be able to choose their own cross-country shoes on laces.

The sole of some models at high speed, or at low speed, it all depends on your zaprsov. Orthopedic sneakers “Weestep” are designed for girls and boys who are starting to walk and for them proper and healthy walking is above all.

There are also preventive models of sneakers “Weestep”, which have insoles-supinator and are perfect for all novice walkers.

Sneakers with a luminous sole, which teenagers like very much, are also of great interest. Having several pairs of sports sneakers, you will be provided for several seasons with high-quality and stylish children’s shoes of American production.

Our website offers discounts on all categories of children’s shoes, including the brand “Weestep”.

All subscribers of our retail site receive notifications about new deliveries of goods, or discounts, where you can have time to buy profitably.

The biggest discount is valid during the preparation period for the school season, then it is easy to buy high-quality children’s shoes “Weestep” at the most affordable price. We wish you a pleasant choice of children’s shoes “Weestep” on our website.

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