For 23 years, the BABY EXPO Forum has been gathering manufacturers, distributors, importers and retailers of children’s products on its site.
The BABY EXPO exhibition Is divided thematically into three exhibitions:
Toy Fair Ukraine-exhibition of games and toys.
Baby Products Fair-an exhibition of products for babies and mothers.
Children’s Fashion Fair-exhibition of children’s fashion.BABY EXPO Forum

Toy Fair presents new game products. “Develop and fantasize!”that’s her motto. The exhibition presents a wide range of toys for children of different ages, family games, constructors, children’s transport, as well as products for creativity, active recreation and sports.

The main goal of the Baby Products Fair exhibition is the safety and health of babies and mothers.BABY EXPO Forum

There are products that make parenting less time-consuming and burdensome, while ensuring the comfort and safety of the baby from the first days of life: strollers, car seats, children’s furniture, hygiene and cosmetics, products for bathing and feeding, accessories and clothing for babies, bedding and much more. The collective exhibition of Ukrainian manufacturers “Baby food” was also presented.

Children’s Fashion Fair presents a wide range of clothing and footwear for children of different ages and different purposes: outerwear; business, casual and festive clothing; knitwear, hosiery, hats, underwear, sportswear, accessories, carnival costumes and much more.

A special feature of the spring exhibition is a wide range of school clothing offers.When you visit the site in the shoes section,you will see laces, Velcro, elastic bands, snake, and fasteners.

The majority of buyers for the smallest children buy orthopedic shoes with a supinator insole with Velcro to protect the foot from problems in the future with flat feet, as well as for children to put on their own shoes with Velcro.


The supinator-insole is of a preventive nature. The sole is strong, comfortable, and does not slip.

There is a heel sole with a classic toe, and loafers-shoes “Weestep” on a low run. Girls ‘ heels are offered for teenagers. On our website there are in different colors. Pink, red, white, yellow, maroon, purple, light green shoes for girls. Boys are offered black, brown, blue, and green shoes.

There are varnished surfaces of natural leather “Weestep”, or from environmentally friendly leather. Our managers will always advise you to buy high-quality wholesale growth of children’s American shoes from the brand “Weestep”, or to buy one or a pair of pairs in retail.

Having retail several pairs of shoes “Weestep”, you will be able to protect the child from the rapid wear of shoes “Weestep”, because the shift wearing it will prolong life. Wear it with pleasure.

The BABY EXPO exhibition
The BABY EXPO exhibition

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