WEESTEP, brand for children’s shoes, was founded in 2010, establishing itself on the market USA with its first steps shoes.
The brand immediately became synonymous with technological know-how, scrupulously selected materials.
It was an instant success: WEESTEP shoes were seen as innovative and were valued for the quality of their materials, their advanced construction technology, and their carefully designed and balanced shapes to keep little feet healthy as they grow.

In just a few years, WEESTEP became the leader in its home market, steadily reinforcing its position.
At the same time, it began to make inroads on the most important foreign markets.

We have always been highly committed to the most demanding consumers of all: children. Children grow, they change, they look to the future with excitement. For them, WEESTEP manufactures fine products that are nice to look at and comfortable to wear, protecting them and accompanying them on their extraordinary adventure of “growing up”.

European quality control, fashionable modern models, high and low sports sneakers, high and low shoe fit, soft and flexible breathable outsole, genuine leather, advanced WE-TEX (membrane) technologies – all this makes Weestep the best brand of children’s shoes!

Weestep ™ children’s shoes are the best choice for every wholesale buyer, because thanks to the huge range you can collect the best order for your customers, taking into account all their requirements, features and wishes.

The Weestep shoe brand is the sales leader in America, Russia, Canada, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, in the popular world of ebay.com amazon.com online stores, and now Weestep has arrived in Europe, where it was first presented at an exhibition in Poland, POLSHOES Footwear Days autumn edition 14/11/2019

Weestep is headquartered at Warsaw. st. Nadrzeczna 16, Wólka Kosowska. Hall 1, boxing C26.

Wholesale shoe store Weestep!
How to become a partner of the vistep brand?
For whom is there a wholesale online store of children’s shoes https://weestep.pl?

For those who have been working in the shoe business for a long time and are looking for new, good suppliers.

For those who have just entered the market of children’s shoes as a beginner and just look at the participants in this business, choosing a reliable partner.
For those who are already our wholesale buyer, ordering large and not very large batches of wistep brand shoes at our store every season.
For those who are not familiar with our Weeste trademark (unless, of course, it can be!) And visited the brand website to learn more about our products.
For those who buy our shoes in a company chain of stores and follow the update of collections in virtual online catalogs so as not to miss the opportunity to make a successful purchase.

Universal partner.

If you belong to any of these categories, then be sure: you have come to the right address.

Among the largest suppliers of children’s shoes in Europe, we occupy a leading position. More than 2,000 models in the assortment, plus a 90% all-season collection renewal — partnerships with the WEESTEP brand promise such dividends.

WEESTEP is well known by mothers and kids as a children’s specialist. WEESTEP has an in-depth knowledge of the specific needs of each age group and accompanies the child’s development with carefully researched solutions.
All products have been designed down to the very last detail to ensure they are comfortable, lightweight, breathable and durable.

Weestep is headquartered at Weestep in Ukraine, Odessa, promrynok “7 kilometer” showroom №333, behind the street. Pink (exit to the Dry estuary) +38 (068) 4880000 (Viber, WhatsApp) Work schedule:
daily from 8: 00 to 20: 00 (except Friday)

e-mail: info@skazkaopt.com.ua

website: skazkaopt.com.ua

The European office of the brand Weestep is located in Poland, Warsaw, ul. Nadrzeczna 16, Wólka Kosowska. Hall 1, Box C26 +48728880588 sale@weestep.pl





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