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Gallery shoes international trade show for shoes & accessories Dusseldorf

Children’s shoes WEESTEP are better for children at the exhibition Gallery SHOES!
International footwear trends for „tomorrow’s trendsetters“ from stylish to rock-style. The KIDS’ ZONE will be presented new within the elaborated installed ›Rohstahlhalle‹. It is flooded with natural daylight, has an above-average ceiling height and is located directly opposite the ›Alte Schmiedehallen‹.


How do I choose shoes for the season?

The most important thing is the right choice of materials and models for each season. In summer, shoes should be varied, depending on the occasion and activity of the child. On the beach, you can buy flip-flops or rubber flip-flops for your boy, but for the city or active yard games, such shoes will not work. For the purpose of daily wear in the summer, it is better to buy children’s sandals or sandals that will be securely fixed on the foot.
It is especially important to take care of high-quality children’s shoes in rainy and cold seasons.


Weestep exhibitor at the Fair Targi Mody Poznań

The Poznan Fashion fair is one of the largest business fairs in the fashion industry. Famous manufacturers, major brands, best designers, latest collections, fashion shows and thematic workshops. This is a brief description of fairs that aim to show trends and stylistic diversity that prevail in the fashion world. Participants of the Poznan Fashion fair have a unique opportunity to meet with manufacturers, sign trade contracts and carefully study the most fashionable trends, fashions and fabrics.

shoes Weestep brno

KABO Brno 22. – 24. 02. 2020 | International shoe and leather fair

KABO Footwear Fair is the most prestigious professional show of the products of Czech and foreign footwear manufacturers within the Czech and Slovak Republics. Most of the “global brands“ will present themselves, through their domestic distributors, along with footwear and accessory manufacturers.
The GDS Footwear Fair from the mother company Messe, Düsseldorf is KABO’s cooperating partner

shoes Weestep

Estonian shoe brand Weestep

Children’s shoes Weestep – these are shoes for a great mood.
Our main priorities: convenience and quality. Much attention in the new collections is paid to the wishes of customers. Our customers who choose our shoe brand do not depend on the vagaries of nature or on the time of year.
Weestep will never be able to get lost among other competitors because the models from our brand stand out for their originality. The desire to give children shoes that will allow them to emphasize themselves, show the best side and at the same time ensure ease of use – all this guides and guides the Weestep team.


Popular brand of children’s shoes Weestep in Lithuania

Weestep shoes are what parents increasingly choose when they think about the quality and comfort of what their children wear. Our brand is engaged in the wholesale of children’s shoes.
Weestep shoes are a good choice. At us everyone will certainly find something to their taste.
You can see non-standard, bold decisions of the Weestep team designers in our new collections. Our team is responsible, knowledgeable professionals! Reliability, cohesion and professionalism – this is the description of the Weestep friendly team.

Europe’s popular children’s brand Weestep

The Weestep brand specializes in the production of children’s shoes.
All the efforts of Weestep are aimed at making our range better and more diverse and children wearing quality and safe shoes.
The main goal that our team strives for is selling stylish, comfortable and inexpensive shoes that will not only emphasize individuality but also become an indispensable and affordable part of the image of a child.


Weestep at an exhibition in the Czech Republic

Weestep at an exhibition in the Czech Republic
Hello customer!
The online store where you are now – a children’s shoe store. Here you will find many high-quality shoes for every taste which is made exclusively of natural and non-harmful materials for children’s health. Weestep is fully responsible for the goods that it sells to its customers. Our online store is new and our experience in selling this category of goods is huge.


Weestep brand at Expo Riva Schuh shoe exhibition

Hello, our future customer! We invite you all to the Expo Riva Schuh.
Throughout the entire existence of Weestep we have studied and analyzed the market and, as a result, the sales system has been adapted for all our customers. Weestep presents a fairly extensive range of shoes for children of all ages.