“Weestep” summer shoes

manufacturer "Weestep"Trade poppy “Weestep” took care of the summer season, giving all permanent and newly signed customers summer shoes “Weestep” from the American manufacturer of children’s, adolescent and youth shoes.

The new summer collection “Weestep” has already entered the catalog of the summer shoes section, where you can freely choose a high-quality and stylish model for this season, both wholesale and retail.

You all know perfectly well, the more wholesale you order, the less you pay.

So, ordering one, two, or several rostovok, you get a lot of high-quality summer shoes at a good price, much lower than the cost of retail.

These conditions are very convenient for opening a business that just needs a new collection from the brand “Weestep” without which it is difficult to imagine the prosperity of your business.

Western Europe with the shoes of the American manufacturer “Weestep” in Chinese factories has already felt the quality and style of the new Board this season giving sandals and sandals from a global manufacturer with a Central office in the city of Warsaw.eu

Our managers will carefully coordinate your wholesale purchase of summer shoes this season or last.

Contact us on the hotline for any questions you have, and we will provide you with the information you need about the product, delivery, quality, new collection.

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Sandals and sandals from the brand “Weestep” in the external material have several directions. So, eco-friendly leather (eco-leather) which represents this brand, for many years gives customers from America and Western Europe high-quality shoes at a good price, which is lower than the cost of genuine leather, which has already gone out of fashion this season, and not so much need a child’s foot, which is growing, and you need this size of summer sandals, just for one season, because the next is the next size you expect.

There are sandals with genuine leather, suede and nubuck.

There are combinations of all the materials listed above.

Wholesale ordering, you will significantly save on cost, delivery and time in the future.

Order and make sure of it. Our operators will coordinate you on the product, wholesale discount and cost to your region.

We wish you a pleasant selection of high-quality summer collection from the brand “Weestep”. Wear “Weestep” with pleasure children’s sandals and sandals.new summer collection "Weestep"