We make


for children as for adults
We look at adult
and use trends in our design
We give

your child

a sense

of uniqueness and self-importance

We help

parents raise their


we are

We manufacture children’s shoes like for adults, only better.

We believe that children are small adults, and the fact that they grow out of their shoes quickly doesn't mean that footwear should be approached differently.


why weestep?


We follow the adult fashion trends and bring them to children’s shoes

We believe

We believe that a child—who will ultimately be wearing our shoes—should be treated with respect and should have a right to choose what his or her shoes will look like


We give your child a sense of uniqueness and self-importance. We help parents raise their personalities

Exact specialization

Every season we update our collections by 100%, our assortment always includes more than 1000 fashionable trendy new products

Magic sneakers with a chameleon effect, when exposed to sunlight (ultraviolet), they change their color, sneakers for girls turn into pink, sneakers for boys turn into the blue! Such magic is only in the collection of Weestep sneakers.

Would like to offer you a unique product — textile "coloring" slippers, which can be customized to match one’s clothes, toy, or skate. There are felt-tip pens as well as a stencil put with each pair of shoes for that purpose. Kids can decorate their own shoes in the style that they like.

New Weestep brand product for YOU! SHOE CARE for Weestep shoes! Our team has been trying for over 1 year to develop the best composition by conducting hundreds of tests. And finally, we manage to get the best product at a great price.


Where to buy?

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