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Weestep Sp. z o.o. spa (from here onwards referred to as Weestep Sp. z o.o.) cares for privacy compliance both towards its own customers and site visitors. Therefore, before supplying your information, please read the following information, explaining who we are, why we are collecting your details, how we use them and what your rights are. Be careful: if you are underage, you should ask your parents for registration approval.

A) To the owner:
Weestep Sp. z o.o. SPA, with head-office in Ul. Nadrzeczna 16 C026 Jabłonowo, MAZOWIECKIE, 05-552 Poland – from here onwards referred to as Weestep Sp. z o.o. – is the owner of the detail processing: the company does collect and process your personal details indeed and, according to article 13 of the Government Act nr. 196 June 30th 2003, “Personal detail protection code” (from here onwards referred to as “the Code”), provides you with the following information.

B) Detail collection goals:
The information you are providing us by filling the file here attached are used as follows: (1) to match you requests, inserted in the “Contacts” or “Join and be a Partner” sections by filling the specific form; (2) to allow your registration to site; (3) to send to you information and promotional notes, even commercial, about advertisement materials and/or product and service offers, even dedicated, as well as to conduct statistic and/or market studies and surveys by classical contact modes (ordinary mail, call centre operator) and also computerized (e-mail, fax, sms, pre-registered calls and so on); (4) to develop details by creating user profiles and preference analysis. The personal detail processing, for the goals detailed at point (1), doesn’t need any approval by your side, according to article 24, paragraph 1 of the Code. The personal detail processing, for the goals detailed at points (2), (3) and (4), does need you approval, according to articles 23 and 130 of the same Code, instead.

C) Compulsory or nor compulsory types of personal detail processing and consequences for an eventual refusal to reply:
We ask you to fill the present form in, by giving all the details required as “obligatory”, since they are needed to handle your request for contact and/or information. Therefore, as far as the goals contained in Letter B point (1) are concerned, the transfer of your personal details is necessary. Regarding further goals, as for letter B, points (2), (3), (4), your personal detail transfer is not compulsory. However, your eventual refusal could prevent Weestep Sp. z o.o. from pursuing the purposes shown above.

D) How we process your information:
Your information are being processed based on applicable legislation and, anyway, to guarantee safety, confidentiality, as well as to prevent them from unauthorized diffusion or use, change or suppression. Particularly, your data processing are being executed on paper supports and by computer means so to comply with the obligations about personal detail protection and, specially, the security measures, in accordance with articles 31-35, attachment B, of the Code and any other precautionary measure compliance that can grant the related confidentiality and security.

E) Subjects that can learn about the details. Communication range and data diffusion.
Your information are not being disclosed to or learnt by (i) companies that execute, on our behalf, the conservation and processing of electronic records; (ii) companies in charge of the package and delivery of promotions and advertisements or the development of promotional activities (limited to name, surname and address for ordinary mail delivery; e-mail address for electronic mailing delivery; telephone number/mobile for marketing activities); (iii) societies charged of the warehouse logistics management, the purchased article deliveries and the related customer care activities on Weestep Sp. z o.o. behalf. These societies are directly cooperating with us and handling with the data processing, as external responsible subjects, in accordance with article 29 of the Code. Their list is constantly updated and available on demand upon request to the Owner, as for the preceding letter A).

F) Your rights:
By sending a communication to Weestep Sp. z o.o. as per the address shown at the preceding letter A), you might execute your rights in accordance with article 7 of the Code, and amongst them, to 1) obtain, without delay, the confirmation the personal details related to you, exist or not (…); 2) obtain: a) information about the personal detail source, as well as the goals and procedures of data processing, the reasoning of the executed data processing performed by electronic means, the personal details of the Owner, or responsible people, the subjects and categories of subjects whom details can be disclosed or let them know as responsible people or persons in charge; the data update, change or, if interested, implementation; b) the cancellation, change into anonymous or block of the processed data; 3) oppose, partially or completely, the personal detail processing, planned for business information or advertising material delivery or direct selling or even the accomplishment of market surveys or business communication actions.

G) Who is responsible for the data processing:
The Marketing Manager has been appointed as the personal responsible for the personal detail processing and his name is available, as well as an updated list of the other people responsible for the proceeding, on demand to be sent according to the above letter F).